So we’re back!

Thank you all for sticking with us during the last month as we worked on a little tune up that should better equip and serve you as you navigate those fancy daydreams of yours!

On relaunch day, we have four exciting new features to tell you about!

A freesource library!

This resource center is full of tools and information to simplify, automate or simply beautify your life! All we need is an email and you’ll get this library card, i.e. VIP pass, to the top-secret vault! Just kidding! It’s not top-secret. But it is exclusive! Get access here!

A shoppable edit!

In a world of online shopping, we’re taking the tedious sifting and oversaturation out of the equation! Our shop will feature regularly updated edits and pop-up shops. And just in time for holiday shopping. Go take a peek at our shoppable gift guides here.

A community!

We’ve launched a brand new community on facebook! If you’d like to join the conversation, we’d love to have you! Sign up here!

We have also opened up contribution submissions! If you’d like to contribute multimedia to the web content, (articles, video, photographs, etc.) you may review the guidelines and submit here


You will begin to notice new features here and there as we roll upgrades out over the next several months. We’d especially love to hear what you think or what you need. Let us know here!

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Lastly, we’ll be rebooting the article stream shortly so thank you again for all of your patience!

Welcome back to The Pursuit of Daydreams! We’re so glad to have you!


Your dayDream Team

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