Labor Day, Shmabor Day – Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day


So in case you haven’t gotten the memo, the oppressive dress code that presumptuously bans whites for winter has been overturned by fashion anarchists. And if your closet has yet to undergo seasonal-color desegregation, it is time to emancipate and invite the formerly disenfranchised “summer colors” into the style potential that is characteristic of colder temperatures.
The fashionably daring and the conservative alike can easily partake in the I’ll-wear-white-whenever-I-see-fit revolution. What was first dissident, unorthodox, even silly, is now a mainstream concept. Cool and cozy is actually an oxymoronic match made in heaven. I mean, what better time of year to look like a sartorial snowflake anyway?

So how exactly can we give whites a post-labor-day make over?


To start with the obvious, fabric is an easy way to integrate white into winter. Whites refresh your outfit while fabric keeps you cozy. A perfect outfit lies at the intersection of functional and fashionable, and the fabric is what will make your winter whites make sense.
White knits and wools, milky suedes and leathers, creamy furs and bouclés all maintain a rather conspicuous residence in winter. These wintery whites take out the guess work because they aren’t really rational any other time, so when you need an easy way to brighten up your wardrobe, this method is an easy and obvious go to.










But what is one to do when the fabric is less than insular? Wardrobes optimized for layering scoff at seasonal changes, while others, daunted by a drop in the mercury, pack away half of their wardrobe for half the year.
A white sundress is winter ready with tights, boots, a scarf and a layered cardigan. That breezy silk chiffon blouse is flawlessly combined beneath a cashmere sweater. White lace or tulle skirts reserved for summer nights? NO. Fashion loves a good juxtaposition, so dare to pair that white mini skirt with a heavy parka or comfy flannel.






So how do we bring it all together? The best thing about white is that it is hard to go wrong. When going for the monochromatic, all-white look, try adding a bit of dimension and diversity by breaking it up with different textures. When simply accenting with white, give the look an inherently winter feel with wintery prints and layers, like a plaid flannel or a houndstooth scarf.



Gallery Images: Hanneli Mustaparta, CarlaLevi Nguyen, Paris Fashion Week FW14, Miroslava Duma, Victoria Beckham via Pinterest, Olivia Palermo via Pinterest, Rachel Parcell, Street Style via Pinterest, Alexandra, Street Style via Pinterest,  Street Style via Tumblr


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