Navigating Autummer – Mastering the Summer to Autumn Transitional Outfit
8 Easy Ways to Master the Summer to Autumn Transitional Outfit

As soon as we feel that first chill in the morning air, for Autumn enthusiasts like myself, it can be difficult not to immediately swap out tanks for knits. Unfortunately however, this slight temperature drop may signal the beginning of a new season, but rarely accommodates a wardrobe transition from one extreme to another.

Thus, we fall victim to the hourly season changes characteristic of the awkward autummer interim where autumn and summer live within the same day. Temperatures shamelessly betray your outfit choice as soon as mid-morning, rendering your previously reasonable sweater into a blanket of impending doom. The same sweater that offered a cozy refuge this 50-degree morning is attempting death by cable knit by the 75-degree noon, as its traitorous cashmere fingers tighten around your throat.

How is one to conquer this seasonal paradox without packing a suitcase for a lunchtime change? The ill-prepared teeter along a fine line of a) looking as if they took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong hemisphere or b) as if their overeager winter wardrobe has reduced their previous poise to a puddle of sweat.

There is a science to dressing during that enigmatic autummer, which, if not mastered, can leave the ill prepared suffering the side effects of being climatically challenged. Sweaty palms, cold sweat, chills, hot flashes and general discomfort. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, well, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered.

A simple, oft-overlooked key, is to simply curate a wardrobe that acknowledges the transitional seasons. And an added bonus, transitional closet curating doesn’t even require your wallet. Typically we already have a transitional wardrobe hiding between our sundresses and pea coats; the only thing lacking is the sartorial GPS with which to navigate it.


1. Versatility

Well, one of my first secrets is that I nearly never employ the perennial packing up of “seasonal” clothing. I might just be a hoarder but I find it criminal to sell your closet so short when that sundress looks flawless with sandals and sun hats or boots and cardigans. Identify what items you may already have that, with minor outfit tweaks, could be functional in multiple seasons. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching unlikely items. This maximizes your closet’s versatility and worth, which is the best BOGO there is.

Transitional Dressing

Transitional Dressing

2. Seasonal Fusion

Use this time to seasonally blend your wardrobe, part summer, part fall. For instance, a sundress with a cardigan and boots, light blouse with light scarf and vest, or shorts with booties and tights. Take cues from forecasts for what season to most emphasize.

Transitional Dressing

3. The Art of Layering

Layers are the easiest solution for almost every seasonal woe because they’re functional and removable. That scarf that spared you from sudden influenza this morning is easily stowed away when high noon arrives to roast the over-prepared.

Transitional Dressing

4. Lighten Up

Another good trick is to wear lighter versions of the coming season. Open knits are perfect for warmth and ventilation and a tweed or wool skirt sans tights will accomplish just the right amount of seasonal motif without the midday heat stroke.

  Transitional Dressing

5. Subtle Coverage

A clever way to keep cool (and warm) is to juxtapose your coverage. For each exposed limb, add some coverage somewhere else. If you’re wearing shorts, try a cardigan or knee highs. Pair mini skirts with boots or trousers with a pair of flats. 


6. Use Color

Infuse lighter layers with darker colors. This is a simple way to keep cool while still making a seasonal statement.

Transitional Dressing

Transitional Dressing


  Transitional Dressing

7. Texture

Texture has a similar effect as color in seasonal dressing, in that they can channel the seasonal motif without being too warm. Fashion has especially been favoring desegregation of seasonal color palettes. Pretty pastels, crisp whites, and punchy primaries have as much right to exist in the latter months of the year as they do in spring and summer. When playing with these brighter colors, simply add some autumnal textures, like a knit scarf, leather jacket or suede skirt.

Transitional Dressing

8. Shoe Swap

Sandals and boots are some of the most seasonally thematic items you own, so a simple shoe swap can take a summer outfit right into fall while the 70+ degree weather is still lingering, without looking like you are stuck in summer mode. Socks and tights are also a subtle wardrobe addition that can make a seasonal impact.

Transitional Dressing


Essentially transitional outfit is all in how you spin it.

Overall, just seek comfort and confidence. These tips are just a jumpstart, but the execution is up to you! Confidence is 90% of your outfit anyway. If you feel great, (hint, hint) you are.

Take a peek through the gallery up top for more Autummer Inspiration!

Images via Free People, Seams for a Desire, Happily Grey, Lace and Locks, Native Fox, Pinterest and Tumblr.


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