The three keys to hosting the perfect Friendsgiving

cometogether59Thanksgiving season is hardly complete without the lately-trending pre-holiday Friendsgiving. Afterall, in the midst of the season of thanks, we  would be remiss to bypass our gratitude for great friendships.

And what better way to celebrate our thankfulness for our friends than a Friendsgiving? It gives the traditionally family feast a fun twist by including our favorite people in the thematic festivities before returning to each of our own respective families.  Friendsgivings are a fulfilling jump start to the holiday party season with festive food and fun.

So how can one execute the perfect Friendsgiving feast?

Friends :

Well duh.

Invitations: The invitation process should function as the potluck registry, if you will. The easiest way to host a potluck is to make sure everyone is on the same page so that you don’t end up with three of the same dish. A Facebook invite or group message is an efficient method to invite and plan, as it allows the host to itemize what is needed and for everyone to coordinate accordingly.

Food :

Food: Potluck style feasts help take all of the heat off of the host while giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the facilitation of the event. The host should provide the meat— turkey, chicken, ham, while the guests should aid in appetizers, side dishes and desserts.

Booze: Sangrias and signature cocktails can add to the theme. Cider based sangria or bailey’s hot chocolate is an autumn favorite. Having several straight forward bottles of wine are an event necessity as well.


Decor.  Autumnal decor sets the backdrop for a Thanksgiving themed party. Table settings that include autumn staples like Pumpkins, spiced candles and warm colors.

Games: Group games like Taboo or Cards against Humanity allow everyone to get involved.

Music: Have a musically proficient friend make a festive playlist.





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