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 Vogue hosted a lip sync challenge as 11 Supermodels danced around New York, bringing life to NYFW’s best looks.


West Elm is getting hospitable, as the home decor brand expands their product line to include hotels.


Paris Fashion week wraps up fashion month. A father chaperones his stylish 13 year old at fashion week, offering a unique perspective from our usual fashion editor or blogger review. 

gucci-mane-on-gucciIn other unique fashion review news, Vogue invites rapper Gucci Mane to review Gucci’s Spring 17 collection. 

kinsey-french-special-education-teacher-weddingIn absolutely-tear-jerking-adorable news, this precious story of a Special Education Teacher who included her entire class in her wedding. 






netflix-a-series-of-unfortunate-events Netflix is adapting a Series of Unfortunate Events with Neil Patrick Harris starring as Count Olaf.

vogue-chiara-ferragniA new round of high-brow feuding is launched by Vogue editors against fashion bloggers thanks to this article.

i-used-to-be-a-human-being“There is a recognition that beyond mere doing, there is also being.” A stirring article chronicling a man’s journey to silence through our perpetually distracted world.

snapchat-glassesSnapchat is finally giving weight to the old adage, take a walk in someone else’s shoes with these glasses. 



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