So does this mean that windbreakers are a thing again?

So if you were a child of the 90s, I’m sure you can relate to the memory of head-to-toe windbreaker outfits—the colorful jackets with the matching pants in all of their noisy glory.

Their trademark was a mix of if-you-can’t-see-me-coming-you-can-certainly-hear-me-coming pants and who-cares-if-it’s-raining jacket, reminiscent of Will Smith when he reigned over Bel-Air. 

Windbreakers were one of the primary reasons that, not too long ago, I swore the 90s would never come back, yet here I am… maybe wanting a windbreaker? I mean they were a heaping mess of elastic drawstring pulls, excessive zippers and color blocked nylon seemingly inspired by the primitive digital masterpieces a la Microsoft Paint.


K so I’ve been trying to ignore their increasing prevalence on the runways, because surely it’s just for sartorial irony right?

But between the rise of athleisure and the return of the 90s, it was inevitably the perfect storm. And then Versace sent these majestic, modern, light-as-air windbreakers billowing down the Spring ’17 catwalk, and well fine, I get it. You’ve convinced me. Since when did nylon evoke luxury rather than glorified trash bag? Maybe it still channels glorified trash bag. Regardless. I’ll take one in every color.

And now LOOK at this adorable flowy version from Anthropologie.

Equipped with this, I not only get to swish like the wind but I can also look like a gorgeous laser cut iteration of a breezy day too. 

Just in time for spring showers, I can trade the streamlined trench coat look for a ultra-relaxed layering wildcard. 

I mean what is a resurgence if not a rose-colored nostalgic improvement upon the original. Sure my Reebok jumpsuit, geometrically blocked in triangle outbursts of fuchsia and cyan, will likely never see a runway, let alone the light of day again. But. These modern versions have rounded out the 90s blast from the past and I am all the way on the bandwagon. 

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