The Reality about Reality

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I never believed in myself until I stopped believing in reality.

We frequently suffocate our capabilities and potential with realism. There is not necessarily anything wrong with realism or reality, except that we forget that, at its core, reality is only as real as we make it.

We give reality far too much credit for what it is: simply a personal perspective of tangible experiences. Reality is the personalized dependent variable of the individual perceiving, and thus, controlling it. It varies from person to person and is 90% situated and perpetuated within the private realms of our own mind. Reality is transient, ever-changing and entirely subjective. It is a figment of our perceptions, and if you play your cards right, it can be the manifested figment of your own imagination, or effectively, your dream come true. 

Everything you know or experience is left up to your own subjective perception and then your subjective interpretation of that perception and then your subjective expression of that interpretation.

That’s weird right? Maybe it sounds stupid or contrived or unrealistic. But this is not the stuff of fairytales. It is the reality about reality. 

So let’s break away from our limited perception for a moment. What is real then? And how can we actively shape our reality?

Well, to begin, let’s not overthink this question of reality. This idea is not as complex as Inception or The Matrix. In fact it is quite simple.

We can find within each of our personal realities that there is one consistent thread. You. You are the realest thing that has ever existed in your whole life. You are the author of every perception and thought and sense you have ever experienced. Look at how powerful you are! You cultivate your perception of reality and thus sculpt an entire tangible experience around it. The trick is simply mastering this power.

The problem many of us encounter is that we passively or completely unconsciously participate in the sculpting of our realities. We let reality happen rather than happening to reality. 

It is a self oppression to forfeit our influence on reality simply because we do not understand our power in its manifestation. The people who actively impose themselves, their dreams, their thoughts and imaginative perceptions upon reality are the ones who believe in themselves before surrendering to realistic limitations; before handing over their impending existence to autopilot. 

This is the relationship between reality and the dreams that manifest to shape it. Dreams are as real as you allow them to be. And reality can accommodate them if you actively compel it to. 

Thus, believing in yourself is your reality. It is the beginning of an infinite possibility. The only impossible thing the world has experienced thus far is impossibility itself. Everything else just hasn’t happened yet.

Reality is just a trick of the light. A scam we oppress ourselves with. So why allow ourselves to be molded by it when we have all the necessary qualifications to mold it?

So believe first in yourself for your reality’s sake. And then actively impose your liberated perception upon tangible experience for your reality’s sake. Starve your realistic thinking of its sustaining resources: doubt, fear and limited perceptions. And you go make an absolute dream out of this unbridled reality of yours.


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