The Daily Routines of Famous Creatives

daily routines of creative people

Most creative people can relate to the daily obstacles that lie between distraction and productivity; creative block and creative inspiration; depression and motivation. The book Daily Rituals by Mason Curry unites this struggle among past and present creative minds, by detailing the day to day routines of infamous painters, composers, writers and philosophers.

“They worked in the face of countless obstacles (some of them self-inflicted) and developed a fascinating range of “subtle maneuvers” to get their work done each day.” -Excerpt from Daily Rituals

The telling subtext is quite simply that those obstacles are most effectively conquered by conventional routines and subtle habits.

This book is the point of reference from which summarized 28 schedules within a brilliant interactive chart, which seamlessly organizes a 24 hour day in the life of famous creatives. Through this chart we are allowed audience to the lifestyle and habits of some of the most renowned and creative minds in history. 

The chart allows you to categorically view a daily schedule in terms of what time and how long each person spent doing a series of activities. The categories are broken down into sleep, creative work, day jobs/admin, food/leisure, exercise and other pastimes. The corresponding length of each bar, or time spent doing each activity, is indicative of how they prioritized each activity, while the placement along the timeline gives a narrative into when, and even where, this person was most productive or inspired. 

If that wasn’t enough, hovering over each bar will supply a blurb detailing the exact nature of how that time was typically spent— what time Voltaire surveyed the estate with his secretary, or when Picasso’s bedtime was, or where Maya Angelou enjoyed writing.  And for your added inspiration, a slider featuring time management quotes from the brilliant minds themselves is the little cherry on top of this whole creative time management extravaganza. 

Time management and habit are the stepping stone or stumbling block of a creative mind, so the privilege to see how the successful creatives did it can help us along our journey. Those small moments are the fortifying building blocks to overall progress and productivity.  

This insight is enlightening for contemporary creatives because it supplies us with an endearing and kindred bond to the greats before us. Access to intimate insight of past success stories, so characteristic as to how an individual conducted their entire day, potentially grants us the opportunity to format our own productive days within a subjective context of our own endeavors and obstacles, while merging a relatable perspective from similarly minded, immensely successful, artistic role models.  

Do you have a routine that you try to stick to? How do you manage your day?


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