Below you will find my summary of all of my holy grail Target beauty finds, most likely happened upon when I should have just been buying toothpaste.

Are you also victim to the shopping hypnosis experienced when you walk towards the red bullseye of doom for toilet paper and leave with a $75 bag of what’d-I-come-in-here-for-again? As painful as my unsuspecting wallet may find it, I have discovered many a holy grail in the belly of the red and white beast. 

Target has a great selection of natural beauty, often times by artisan brands.

The only saving grace I can muster is that, as far as natural beauty goes, the prices are great. Especially when you don’t buy them all at once.

And just a disclaimer, this is, unfortunately, an unsponsored post. I only wish Target was sponsoring my bittersweet recommendations, yet, in fact, my predicament is quite the opposite.

So read on for my authentic (read: pathetic) reviews of spontaneous indulgences (read: weaknesses) from credit card statements past, present & future.

Below are the following brands and their respective products that I now consider necessary mainstays on my vanity counter.


Brightening Face Scrub | This is one of my daily, (sometimes twice a day) products. I adore this scrub. It has a gritty texture that gently exfoliates, and an ingredient list that rivals most luxury beauty products. Sea kelp, lemon peel, french green clay, chlorella, argan and Madonna lily stem cell. All of these contribute in some way to the exfoliating, smoothing, detoxifying, purifying, cell stimulating and regenerating experience! There is just so much good happening in this tube.

Pore Minimizing Face Scrub | After becoming addicted to the above scrub, I couldn’t help but try another. And this one doesn’t disappoint either. Red clay takes center stage in this formula, drawing out impurities while jojoba beads exfoliate. It is a gentle scrub that is likely safe on most skin types. 

Night Cream | The Acure night cream is the last step to my beauty routine—Overnight, my face is treated with the nourishing, age-defying effects of algae, argan extract, and chlorella, and I wake up with tighter pores and softer skin.

Eye Cream | I have only just begun using eye creams in an effort to preserve my youth by taking preventative measures. But even 20-somethings can succumb to under-eye bags and fine lines and this blend of chlorella and edelweiss will hydrate and protect that delicate layer of skin.

Shea Moisture





Problem Skin Scrub | I use this face scrub every day and my skin has never been so clear. African black soap is renowned for its blemish-control benefits, and the added tea tree oil and tamarind extract exfoliate and even skin, leaving it feeling ultra-soft.

Shea Moisture Facial Moisturizer | A soothing formula of alpine, damask and musk rose oils to soften skin, date palm extract to smooth and protect it, and camellia leaf extract to calm skin. 

Youth Infusing Cream Cleanser | This cleanser is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, employing the natural benefits of the kukui nut, grapeseed oil, olive leaf extract, and avocado.

Nourish Organic





Face Cleanser | Cleansers are burdened with the task of stripping your face of dirt without stripping it of its natural oils. This cleanser uses cucumber and watercress to hydrate, protect and soothe.

Face Lotion | I can’t resist anything with rosewater. It has amazing skin benefits, like evening and smoothing skin tone. Combined with argan oil for hydration and shea butter for elasticity, this is one of my favorite skincare products. The smell is just a bonus.

The Seaweed Bath Co.





Body Cream | This body cream has such a refreshing scent and argan oil combines with shea butter for a lotion that is intensely hydrating.


Cactus & Kale Lotion | This face lotion employs the vitamins from cactus, kale and rose to reinvigorate stressed skin. 

Sea Foam Face Wash | This face wash effortlessly removes makeup, and tones, utilizing antioxidant rich coconut water and sea algae. A must have.

Glow Baby Walnut Scrub | With coconut, walnut, rose hips, and flax, this scrub polishes impurities away and promotes a more youthful appearance.  

Cactus Water Micellar Tonic | Cactus water will leave skin squeaky clean without harsh or overdrying side effects. The benefits of cactus flower will leave skin toned and hydrated. 

Cactus Water Makeup Remover | I got these wipes for two reasons: A. For the nights that I am just too lazy to go through the whole face wash process and B. after trying the micellar face tonic, I felt confident that my lazy before-bed-beauty routine would leave my face in good hands. 

S.W. Basics





Rosewater | Did I mention I love rosewater? It is just so versatile. You can read more about its uses and benefits here. This is a simple one-ingredient formula, ensuring the purity of the product compared to many that water it down with synthetics.

Cream | S.W. Basics is nothing if not straightforward. Following suit of the former 1 ingredient rosewater, we have the 3 ingredient cream. Coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil are all that make up the contents of this jar. And how refreshing to open a bottle and get exactly what you expect. 






Konjac Sponge | Konjac facial sponges are another beauty adaptation from Asia that I can no longer live without. The sponges utilize the Konjac root, a plant with properties that make it as detoxifying as it is exfoliating. They can do absolute wonders for your complexion.

Soap & Glory





Breakfast Scrub | This scrub will keep you at your smoothest, with organic cupuacu, banana, almond and honey extracts to exfoliate and nourish.






Body Polish & Cleanser | Pumice and Charcoal are the champions of this deeply exfoliating cleanser, detoxifying, polishing and purifying your pores in one step.

Body Butter | The Egyptian argan oil body butter is my go-to cream for dryness. The ingredients help to smooth, restore and reinvigorate your skin.

Yes To





Charcoal Cleanser | Charcoal is a skincare craze right now and for good reason. This natural cleanser will draw out any impurities and, combined with tomato extract and jojoba spheres, your skin will be completely rejuvenated. 






Re:Fresh Face Mist | The face mist combines cucumber, rosewater, and aloe vera, for a “re:freshing” toner/cleanser/moisturizer. 


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