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Love Actually just got a reboot in honor of ‘Red Nose Day’ titled Comic Relief Actually, and it’s adorable from what we can see so far. Scroll down the article page to get a taste courtesy of an an amateur clip from Twitter. 


Drake has made his admiration for Sade quite clear. Not to condone running out and tattooing her face on your body, but your wardrobe, (especially in these times of 90s resurrection,) certainly deserves her influence.

Take a peek into the colorful grit that was New York City through the 1970-80s, as documented by a series of talented street photographers.

Perhaps a bit past due, but better late than never. Vanity Fair profiled the woman behind the inspiration of Hidden Figures and it is so worth the read.

Blanc is rethinking the dry-cleaning industry. In a first of its kind effort to make the dry-cleaning industry more sustainable, efficient and consumer friendly, Blanc has found a niche begging to be filled.






In the next episode of wearable technology, we have a collaboration between timeless denim brand Levi’s and Internet juggernaut Google. The union has bred a less likely offspring: A tech-responsive moto jacket. Reception to wearable technology has been hit or miss, slow to stick to consumer needs. With a September 2017 release date, only time will tell.

Life passes us by so quickly—and by the time we remember to pause and look back, an entire world has transformed. The Atlantic has simulated a fun time capsule to show how the world has changed since you got here. 

An entertaining satire about the roller coaster of hope and disappointment courtesy of the correspondence between job hunters and potential employers.

A wrap up of strange, foreign and even made up words to describe universally experienced emotions.



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