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Vogue’s profile of Award winning artist and photographer Lorna Simpson captures and profiles 18 prolific women, spanning an array of diverse identities and professions.

And of what they have in common: “They don’t take no for an answer. They are creative visionaries whose passions and work have shaped the cultural landscape.”



If you are a wine enthusiast but jaded by the traditional winery tour and tasting, try out this destination du jour: An underwater winery in Croatia. Becuase panoramic countrysides are so last year. Now you can get your wine fix by diving down to Edivo Vina, the winery that is trailblazing underwater fermenting methods and trading scenic views of grape vines for sunken boats and sea life.

In the next episode of Americans afflicted with francophilia: how to be married like the French. French girl fashion and beauty has been a headline mainstay, but what about relationship tips from the culture so stereotypically romantic? In times that has traded love letters for 3 am wyd? texts, our increasing divorce rate is hardly a surprise. These wise words about French marriage are gold. 

Andreas Murkudis is the curator and founder of nine German stores that specialize in fashion artifacts retailing in auction format. Take a peek at some pieces from the collection that are currently coming up on the auction block.

An interesting and insightful look at what it took to retire early 60 years ago. Though the monetary inflation may have changed quite a bit since then, the principles seem to perhaps be timeless.


This week, it was announced that Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J. Crew, would be leaving. Lyons is credited with not only transforming the brand, but also pioneering a new age for American fashion.

And as if you needed any more evidence proving why dogs are the designated best friend to humans. But if you were not convinced before, here is a study that observes that dogs may share a trait commonly thought to be unique to humans: “the theory of the mind,” a psychological phenomenon that describes the ability to take on someone else’s perspective. 

A cute yet cynical satire of alternate endings for Disney fairytales. This article imposes a practical analysis upon the “happily ever after” giving some of our favorite fantasies a funny dose of reality.

Time has aggregated some of recent history’s best technological fails. Outside of nostalgic flashbacks, we can see the context in which these now defunct companies offered to propel and improve technological innovations. Many of these concepts exist in some further advanced iteration, proving that failure can be just the formulaic foundation for improvement. 



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