Why we need to slow down, savor simplicity, & appreciate the small things


When we savor simplicity, marinate in the miraculous mundane, we open our minds and heighten our senses, to receive the best and the purest of what life can offer. 

savor simplicity

We live in an increasingly digital world that demands and wins our consistent attention. It is challenging to acknowledge and embrace the real world and all its wonder.

We fail to live in the moment, unimpressed by anything that doesn’t exist because of electric synapses. The miracles staring us in the face blur together. Details fade behind our glowing screens. We are jaded by the expected.

Glowing screens entrance us. Meanwhile, life is happening immediately but undetected in the background. We write off these simplicities as normal. But within life’s simplicities are the greatest miracles, waiting to thrill those who take the time to notice them.

When you take pause, reveling in these ordinary circumstances, you find an entire world worth noticing.

How to slow down & savor simplicity


Frame your mind

Become easily amused. We tend to fade the familiar, treating the unchanging background like white noise. But don’t dull the value of the ordinary simply because you’re accustomed to it. Because then you deprive yourself of a unique experience within a common template.

Within each ordinary framework is a detail completely unique to this one instance. You haven’t seen it all. Sure, you have seen flowers bloom and birds chirp. But even in that ubiquitous experience, there is uniqueness in each isolated occurrence. Do not become numb to life’s commonalities.

Bask in the idiosyncratic, the dissimilarities that come as result of a world that never stagnates. A background that serves as an ever-changing foundation to the wellsprings of life.

Even if the scenario is the same, you are not. You are never not a second older than you were just a moment ago. You are constantly in a state of growth. Your perspective is ever-changing. You can revisit the same conditions and receive a completely new interpretation.

If you can approach the ordinary with awakened senses and a renewed appetite for wonder, you will find that nothing is, in fact, ordinary.


savor simplicity

Go on a digital detox


I am not going to pretend like I am not just as attached to my devices as my zombie peers. Hence, you will not hear me touting cold turkey detachment.

The digital access we have is no doubt a privilege and it is full of its own merits. But it is definitely one of those items that should be consumed in conscious moderation.

You don’t have to punish yourself a week—if you can go on complete hiatus, more power to you. But try to at least reserve a space or a time in which devices are not allowed.

Maybe the dinner table is a digital free-zone. Or maybe one hour before sleeping and after waking, the phone stays on airplane mode. Just identify which times and places are viable to your detox and empty it of a wifi connection.  


Make it a part of your routine


Turn simplicity into a habit. It can become as routine as brushing your teeth or brewing coffee. Set triggers that allow your mind to easily and fluidly transition your brain into this new context.

If you regularly gulp down your coffee before you shower, try to enjoy it instead on the balcony to watch the dew sparkling in the new light. Listen to the morning breeze tousle the leaves, or watch a sleepy city slowly roar to life.

If you like to walk to the corner store for lunch, relish the afternoon light dancing between tree branches or the nuances of fellow lunch-goers who are hustling along with their own automated lives.


Start your day with this new mental framework


Start your day with meditation. Try to ease into your mornings rather than rushing through them. Avoid thrusting yourself immediately into cruise control.

 If you give yourself time to thoughtfully approach your morning, to savor each moment, you will condition your mind to savor and digest the consecutive moments of your day.

Contrarily, if you opt to kick your brainwaves into overdrive, speeding through your morning because you snoozed your alarm 6 times, your whole day will be a blur. 


End your day with this new mental framework

End your day with reflection. Before you go to bed review your day—acknowledge those statement moments, whether small or large and apply gratitude to both.




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