Rocio Montoya

In her editorial style collages, Rocio Montoya, Madrid based visual artist, tells a compelling story conveyed via portraits and photographic scenes. The concepts of the photographic collages incorporate facets of art, graphic design and fashion.

Montoya is a talented photographer, graphic designer and artist who creates multimedia collages that blend elements from surrealist and cubist schools of thought.

The botanical patterns fragment the subject in a fit of chaotic beauty. These fragmented images capture an emotional experience between the subject and its aesthetic interpretation of the surrounding environment. The visual creates a compelling narrative about the human body in synergy with nature.

According to her website, Montoya:

immersed herself in the field of visual arts by curiosity to express her concerns and the need to seek beauty as a means of escape and personal enjoyment. Her admiration for painting and surrealism is evident in addressing their creations, which you can see a clear trend to recreate atmospheres and distant situations to pure documentary reality, characterized by a delicate, haunting and poetic graphic style.


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