Raf Simons Resigns From Dior | A tribute to Raf Simons’ best tributes to Dior

Raf Simons SS16After three years  of tenure at the helm of the Parisian House,  Raf Simons has  unexpectedly announced his resignation from Dior. 

Reasoning behind this decision has yet to be revealed but the news is no less of a shock to the fashion world. His time at Dior, though short lived, revived much of the foundational and defining elements that Christian Dior built his brand on. And within this revival, despite the scrutiny that naturally followed him after the shoes Galliano left for him to fill, the house flourished under his idea that fashion should be wearable.  Sales figures reflected the welcoming reception that clients embraced this simple ideal, growing 60% after his debut.

Simons had a hard act to follow behind the theatrical productions and artistry displayed by his predecessor, John Galliano, but he came into his own element quite seamlessly by immediately paying tribute to the classic and cornerstone elements of Christian Dior himself.  His first collection for Fall Couture 2012 was an immaculate reimagination of Dior’s New Look.

The iconic “New Look” that Dior established included statement-turned-classic pieces that became synonymous to the brand, looks that have become resonant of the 40s and 50s. Thus Simons’ contributions have keynotes from this era a la Dior. The bar jacket, elevated trouser styles, calf length hemlines, waist-conscious hemlines, wide and angular necklines, and full skirts were resurrected on botanical runways—another ode to Dior’s infatuation and inspiration from flowers. 

Raf SImons Dior Couture set SS 16 Dior Setraf simons dior 2012

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” – Christian Dior

Simons’ time at Dior was nothing less than a nostalgic tribute and compelling revival of the namesake’s aesthetic legacy while simultaneously and effectively blending in his own voice. See above for a few of Raf Simons’ best tributes to Dior.




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