Paloma Wool | The Art of Getting Dressed
In a collision of passion, Paloma Wool is the love child from Barcelona based creative Paloma Lanna, whose fascination with fashion, art and photography founds the essence of the multidisciplinary brand that interweaves these concepts into painterly clothing and editorials. 

The project is an eloquent narrative seamlessly blending a diverse range of creative concepts, expressed through minimalist-styled clothing and editorials.

Each collection is a collaborative effort from different artists, each piece artfully narrated by dreamy photography. The enchanting scenes in each photograph feature compelling props, soothing, muted color palettes, otherworldly architecture and landscapes,  renaissance sculptures, or abstract paintings.The apparel has an artsy minimalist aesthetic, accented by abstract prints and portraits and cut from cloths like denim, linen, and silk.

Each item is locally produced and unbound by standard fashion seasons and trends so as to promote a sense of timelessness. The descriptions on each product provide transparency on the creation and composition of each product. This transparency gives patrons a story behind each product, further solidifying the narrative of Paloma Wool’s commitment to the art form, the artisanal care, and the skilled crafting that goes into the brand. 

Paloma Wool hand painted silk shirt by Tana Latorre

From a product on her website:

The process through which these shirts have been made was very special.

We covered our friend Maria’s room in silk and Tana painted it as though it was a mural with female figures and wild flowers that she improvised while we watched captivated choosing the colors. This piece was later tailored into these unique and unrepeatable silk shirts.

For the second round, we first made the shirts and then Tana painted each one individually on Olga’s body. Each shirt is unique. She painted this series in a more minimalist way, depicting plants with lines. The way the ink penetrates the silk is precious.

100% silk. This whole project was done in Barcelona. 

The experience one gets when shopping Paloma Wool is culturally enlightening and indulgent, reminiscent of perusing an art gallery with an added benefit that the art is shoppable. Imagine perusing a museum and fixating upon some muse immortalized on canvas or in frame, reading the blurb to the side of each photo that exposes the genius and the process that went into the work. And then you become so captivated by the composition, context, and final creation that you decide to ingrain the same inspiring elements of that masterpiece into your own closet. 

Paloma Wool is the epitome, the literal manifestation of wearable art. 

From her site:

Paloma Wool is my name and the name of this project, which is about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed. 

A mundane and universal routine is made beautiful when Paloma fixes her lens upon her ethereal scenes, her clothing an elegant and simultaneously unobtrusive subject. The scenes don’t compete with their protagonist, and nor the protagonist with their scene. They all cohesively intermingle according to a central and subtle theme.

The shoppable editorials all feature pieces from her signature clothing line that is available for purchase via her websiteSelected pieces are also available for purchase here and here.

Buy her new book charting the brand’s first year here.

Photos via collections on


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