5 reasons you should trade your cabinets for open shelving
Open shelving is a unique decor option that proves storage can be chic by showcasing all of your wares in a functional and accessible way.
Open shelving turns your cabinets into decor opportunities

Exposed shelves also provide the opportunity to compliment your wares with decorative objects. We usually relegate our trinkets and decor accents to solely exist in conventional decorative areas, like console tables or bookcases. Place a succulent plant next to your glasswares or a framed picture behind your coffee mugs.

Open shelving can add color

There is also new opportunity to employ color into your kitchen without having to perform the usual commitment to paint or wallpaper. For instance, an exposed spices cabinet can add a cozy pop of color.

Open shelving showcases your backsplash

Open shelves further expand the opportunity to spotlight gorgeous backsplashes. Rather than a backsplash ending where the cabinets start, your tiling can continue up the full height of your wall. The backsplash adds texture that can compliment your shelving choice. (I am swooning over the wood shelves against marble.)

Open shelving showcases your kitchenware

We invest far too much in our kitchen supplies and accessories to shove them in dark cabinets, only to be seen when the occasion calls for it. The exposed shelves allow for another decor opportunity, in which you can further express your style preferences and decor sense.

Open shelving perpetuates your decor theme

Whether industrial, minimalist, sleek or rustic, your shelving design can accent and perpetuate that theme preference. It is likely that your kitchenware already matches your style aesthetic, so exposing your dishes, cookware, and glassware further perpetuates your taste.

Scroll through the gallery above for inspiration to do away with your cabinets.


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