Museday | Love is not Blind


love is not blindWe taint the essence of love when we use it to support our faults. To displace our blame. To rationalize our insecurities, our comfort zones, our denials and our fears. We purify our excuses at its expense. 

Love is wrongly accused at the hand of misappropriated cliches: ‘love is blind,’ ‘I did it for love,’ ‘love will get us through.’
When in reality the real characters of our wannabe love stories are a far more sinister entity than the pureness of love.
The villains-in-heroes’ clothing, the culprits of our happily-never-afters, have nothing to do with actual love, yet we’ll claim it just the same. We’ll trick ourselves with false senses of reality even though we know our truths.

We don’t stay in unhealthy relationships because of love. We stay because of denial, fear, convenience, comfort, insecurity, jealousy, shame.
And then, in order to rationalize our actions, we falsely attribute love as the noble cause, as the culpable crutch, for our misnamed affections. 
Love is not blind. In fact, it is the most clear sense of vision we have. But, denial is blind. Fear is blind. Comfort is blind. Insecurity is blind. Jealousy is blind. Shame is blind.


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