Lorna Simpson : Gold Heads Series

Brooklyn photographer and artist Lorna Simpson has cultivated a prolific career, rich with poignant commentary on a variety of topics, from race to gender to politics, all of which are uniquely perpetuated through a variety of mediums. The theme of her works often examines and gives voice to the experience of African American woman.

Lorna Simpson : Gold Heads

In her series, Gold Heads, Simpson highlights the beauty of the diverse textures and styles of black women’s hair, by  employing sweeping yet simple brushstrokes of gold to crown the heads of obscured women, which, thus, makes her subjects adaptable and relatable. The lack of detail on the face of the subject not only promotes the beauty of their hair’s texture but also allows the viewer to reflect themselves upon the image.

These simple images creates a narrative provoked by the social implications of prototypical African hair and transforms it into  gold, immediately channeling an essence of royalty, as if their hair were a crown, elegantly and effortlessly worn by a queen.

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