How To Live Like You’re In Europe


How to live like you’re in Europe….even when you’re not.

Living in Europe this summer made me realize that I always want to live in Europe. Especially in summer. However, I’ve always been a fall and winter lover through and through. I simply always preferred cooler temps, less humidity, and layers!



But this summer has been changing my mind. I’m loving carefree summer ensembles and being outside at anytime of the day (or night).

We spent the entire month of June outdoors. From exploring the canals of the Netherlands to biking alongside the Berlin Wall, we were outside as much as possible and loved it. I honestly can’t think of a better way to soak up summer.

And because summer is seriously growing on me – and Europe is obviously now my favorite – I wanted to share my quick little recipe for pretending you’re living in Europe.

How To Live Like You’re in Europe

Get outside. Many spots in Europe don’t really have air conditioning, so it’s not like you’re missing out on some chilly indoor happenings. So bring that thinking back to…well…wherever you’re living and get outside, y’all! Walk instead of driving to get your morning coffee, bike instead of taking a cab, and explore the hidden gems of your very own city as if you were visiting for the first time. Break out of your typical routine and make some time to get outdoors.

What to wear. Easy breezy clothing all the way. With the heat and summer sun up above, breathable fabrics and fits are a must. I brought mostly white and beige tops/dresses, with a few colorful statement pieces. If you’re looking for a full list on what to pack for your European adventure, I shared everything I brought with me!

What to sip on. A favorite in Europe – the Aperol Spritz. It’s light, simple, and downright delicious. The European spritz boasts a bold flavor with a bit of bubbly. It’s the perfect marriage of flavors if you ask me.

Now, if you are going to Europe this year, where are you heading!? And can I come with you?

If not, how are you living like you’re there? I’ll be sipping on Aperol Spritzes for the foreseeable future.



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