Lisa Golightly

Lisa Golightly’s paintings draw from her photography background and the idea of capturing a memory. You can see the photographic influence in her composition and subject matter.

Her paintings seem like aged photographs that catalog distant memories. The out-of-focus aesthetic lends itself to the feeling of nostalgia for hazy distant memories, which perpetuates throughout her work.

This element of fuzziness matched with the pastel color pallet Lisa is inclined towards creates a halcyon air of reminiscence. She makes seemingly mundane moments into fine art and gives a platform to the past and the beauty that it holds.

She works from photographs but evades finite detail creating anonymity for the subjects, which conversely creates intimacy for the audience.  Because there are no definite features for her faces or specific landmarks to her scenery, the viewer can superimpose their own personal memories into the paintings. 

Preferred medium: acrylic paint 


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