Life Starts All Over When It Gets Crisp in the Fall

autumn train tracks

If I could travel to fall without consideration of the constraints of time, I’d make myself at home there and stay awhile. As we have already reached the pumpkin-spice-everything checkpoint, my mind has made itself quite cozy as I anticipate the unique beauty of the latter months of the year.

There is something inherently refreshing about Fall, as though the crisp air carries with it a much needed rejuvenation from the heat of summer. Something about autumn sunsets; how the colors of twilight don’t quite stop at the horizon. Instead, the foliage, donning its gilded attire, meets the sky halfway, blurring the heavens with the earth, bringing to those of us who wish to touch the sky, a dream that seems a bit more within reach. Autumn sun rays frolic with the amber leaves, dancing to the music of a gentle breeze. And even on the cloudiest of days, it is as if all stays alight, the trees generously offering to relieve the sun of her duties.

There is a renewed and reinvigorated energy that contrasts the lazy days of summer. My eyes light up a bit more, taking a page from the fiery landscape of which they behold. A childlike excitement wells up inside of me with each crunchy step down streets paved with leaves. And I gladly trade the sun kissed skin of summer for the rosy kisses that the crisp fall air places upon my cheeks.

I find there is an encouraging sense of urgency as the year winds down. My inspiration, motivation and resolve is most acute during the latter months of the year. It marks the point of a productive intersection between hindsight, insight and foresight, as if the usual characteristic chaos between these three settles into a unique harmony. This is when experience bonds with understanding, a fertile soil within which to plant the seeds for future plans and goals.

There’s just something inspiring, freeing even, about falling leaves. Something that validates the means in which to detach yourself from whatever may have you rooted, and then to float upon the wind.


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