Kathy Jones is a figurative artist who responds to the marks she makes in an intuitive manner. Her paintings explore the intersection between the figure, the materiality and the impression of her subjects.

There is an ambiguity to the spaces and figures she paints that allow for the viewer to see beyond just a figure created out of paint, but also the evocative sentimentality the painting imbues. The people she paints embody a contemplative solitude that imply both a somberness but also a power.

Kathy describes her work as being “about the moments between actions.” There is something universal and timeless about these moments that she captures in her process and rendering. She does not work with an exact plan for how a work will end up—she responds to the pose, the feeling, and her own mark making to create a considered yet intuitive painting entirely human, all while still maintaining an abstract ambiguity.


 “I never know where a painting will end up. The backgrounds and moods emerge and change as the work progresses. My goal is to create paintings that are challenging and provocative. My hope is that people who see my work are moved to bring their own history to the painting and to tell their own stories.”


-Kathy Jones

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Inspired by light, simplicity, nature, words, people and the hope found in a sunset or sunrise. In search of beauty and impassioned by the stories of strangers. Addicted to coffee, tiramisu, boots and changing leaves. Website: Ink Bouquet


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