Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova captures photos that could easily be mistaken Disney princess fantasy.  The enchanting scenes are the essence of well-imagined fairytales. Though each scene would fit right into any whimsical picture book, it is no work of fiction. She brings these magical visions to life without the help of any digital manipulation. 

She creates each surreal story with very real characters. From woodland animals to Serengeti beasts, the ethereal scenes showcase a gentle relationship between nymph-like women and real, exotic creatures. Plotnikova favors a woodsy background to set the enchanting scene out of her imagined fairytale, emphasizing the narrative of this otherworldly reality. 

A picture is worth 1000 words, indeed. These photographs are the epitome of the cliche, as within its 4 corners, lie entire novels. Their stories naturally captivate the viewer’s imagination, provoking one to brood over its detail and potential, inviting each person into their own Once Upon a Time.  


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