Kate Long Stevenson

Kate Long Stevenson is a North Carolina based artist who focuses mostly on creating works rooted in abstract expressionism. Her paintings are essentially influenced by music, resonating mostly with the classical genre.

This means of creation directly correlates with the abstract expressionist movement popularized in the 40s, in a time where visual artists drew creative inspiration from the emotionally evocative audial creators of their time. She translates musical notes, rhythms and moods into paint by constructing images of vast color fields layered in a rhythmically and visually satisfying way.

There are distinct dispositions that are translated through her works, just as there are moods evoked through music and specific songs. Though her works function as pure abstractions, or abstracted figure paintings, there is still an inherent and expressive subject matter, which resonates with the intangible emotional core of our souls. 

The figures she paints interact with the color and the mark making in such a way that allows for the human form to become secondary to the primary emotional subject matter. These figures, rendered though a process of abstract mark making and color blocking, do not embody an individual person, but rather a specific mood.

The organic marks of the figure work together as an element of composition and a catalyst of emotion rather than one of narrative and identity. There is a universality to the poses and the forms themselves that do not exclude anyone, but rather include and empathize with everyone. Just as everyone has experienced sadness, happiness, or loss, so can any viewer fully experience these paintings.   

See more of her work here.

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