Issue 1 | Endless Summer

Endless Summer

The best way to an Endless Summer is through outlasting memories.

As we near the end of summer, we're trying to soak up as much sun and as many memorable experiences as possible before we return to business as usual! Topics like relationships, traveling with purpose, and authentically communicating with those we love will be covered this month, so we hope you follow along as we preserve the last days of Summer.

Gabi's posts

How to Live Like You're in Europe
Soaking Up The End of Summer

Meet our Guest Editor

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Gabi Valladares

Gabi is the founder and editor of By Gabriella, food/lifestyle photographer, and social media marketing gal in Atlanta. She's been blogging for over seven years and focuses on crafting authentic content around entertaining, traveling, and creative recipes.

We can't wait to get to know her better this month!

Follow along as we preserve moments with Gabi

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Before you delve into August, let's set the scene! These wallpapers are the embodiment of endless summers. Download Below

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The Endless Summer Playlist

Now that we've set the scene, let's set the tone! Listen to our Endless Summer playlist to get all of those seaside vibes!

Bronzing Oil

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Travel Accessories
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Rose Hibiscus Mist
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The Endless Summer Reading List

These make for the perfect beach bag stuffer to pass hours under the sun getting lost in fictional worlds.

Daydream Book Club

Other Endless Summer Picks

A heartbroken vacationer who seeks a summer getaway/runaway from her reality only to be thrust into another plot rife with drama.
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Next up for the daydream bookclub:
And join the Daydream Book Club!
The wake of the second World War crosses the paths of two writers who become pen pals. Their exchange commences a captivating journey leading to life-changing discovery.
A chance encounter launches a journey spanning generations.
After two miscarriages, a tragic miracle washes a desperate couple's shore.
A fascination with death and a fixation on the future crosses two paths, prompting both to learn how to live in the present.
Small Admissions
A failed romance sends a completely practical on a downward spiral of despair. Until a job at a Park Ave. private school draws her out of her cloud of self-pity


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