Foggy visions can be the greatest hindrance when in pursuit of a goal because it is difficult to determine your footing or where you are even going.

But the trick is to just walk. The further you walk along the path, the more the fog lifts. And the more direction you gain. And then the sun is shining and you learn how to navigate the winding paths.
The key to your purpose becomes visible. And once it is visible, it becomes tangible.
The instrumental part of vision, and thus clarity, is that it puts your dreams within reach. That sense of clarity helps us to distinguish a potential reality from distant dreams; it is the catalyst for turning fiction into fact.
And you build muscle and you plow through obstacles like a freaking champ. And then there is this confident adrenaline rush, and you just know. You know where you’re going and how to get there and the reasons to continue on outnumber those to give up. And stopping is no longer an option.
And though the beginning of your race began slowly, each step weighed down by uncertainty and doubt, you begin to pick up speed. You feel at home on this path. It becomes a familiar and safe haven. And everything ever starts to just makes sense. 
Just don’t slow down. That’s always the trick. One foot in front of the other. Because the moment you sit down, the moment you lose ground, the fog descends, preying upon your idleness, invoking confusion and chaos. And you begin stumbling backward, tripping over the very obstacles that you just previously subdued. And fear settles where faith ruled. And that steadfast pace you’d set begins to atrophy at the hands of doubt and then the strength you built through dedicated and calculated movement is crippled. And this is when people quit and go home. 
You must start your race. And then, you must keep going. Take a few steps of faith and then as soon as you are offered a hint of clarity, you run like all hell because there is a clearing, a place of peace, right beyond that foggy comfort zone. 

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