How to host your own winter wine tasting – The perfect party idea for a cozy lady’s night in

This wine tasting party is the perfect theme for a cozy lady’s night in. If you’re tired of the usual movie night, this will make for a fancy change of pace.

The weather outside is still frightful so this little party idea is perfect for a cozy lady’s night in. 

Faced with the inevitable cabin fever that winter weather typically incites, my friends and I found ourselves wanting a change of pace from the usual movie night. We couldn’t muster up the desire to venture out in the cold so we decided to get fancy and host our own at-home wine tasting. 

The rules were as follows: Everyone had to contribute a bottle and a cheese pairing. Then, to make it even more thematic, we turned it into a bit of a scavenger hunt. To drive home the wintery theme, each wine selection had to contain a wintery note. 

The theme gave us a fun way to actually actively read and furthermore, care, about the content of our wine (besides just the alcoholic part). 

Each person preceded the sampling of their selection with a small explanation of why they chose that wine and its complimentary cheese pairing. 

I had no idea what to expect as I am no wine connoisseur—just an avid novice. I rarely bother to observe notes when selecting a bottle. I honestly just grab the bottle with the prettiest label. (Am I the only one who is a sucker for label design?)

But, alas, it was a huge success! We had notes ranging from nutmeg, pomegranate, pine, cinnamon, vanilla, fig, pear, cedar, hazelnut, cloves, and oranges. There are so many possibilities so have fun with coming up with your own themes!

There are so many possibilities so have fun with coming up with your own themes! We had this gathering just because, but I think it would make an adorable Galentine’s party theme!

Hosting your own wine tasting party

Here is a quick inventory list for a successful wine tasting party:

The accents


Cheese knives

Disposable wine cups ( I got these shatterproof ones )

Hors-D’oeuvre plates

The palette cleansers

Nuts (I had honey coated walnuts)


Gingerbread (I made some homemade. I’ll share the recipe in a later post!)

French Bread Slices



Fruit Spreads (We had pear preserves, apple mint jelly, and fig butter)

Fruits (We had oranges, grapes, apples, pears, and blackberry and pomegranate sauce for the brie. We also had several dried fruits like tangerines, cinnamon apples and raisins.)

Guest Contribution

Wine (Pick a theme!)

Cheese assortment. (Leave this up to your friends to pair with their wine.)


We didn’t do a meat charcuterie, but if you want to, typical meats include salami, prosciutto or chorizo.

So what do you think? Will you be hosting your own wine tasting party this winter?


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