My friends and I are brunch aficionados so it was a natural inclination to host our own brunch party. We decided to set up a buffet style crepe and mimosa bar with a variety of selections and flavors.

A few of us got together, made some crepes (we used this recipe), candied some bacon (we used this recipe) and mixed some mimosas (see recipes below).

Crepes are an ideal choice for brunch as they are fairly easy to make en masse, and they have plenty options for a buffet style party.

And rather than the traditional orange juice and champagne, we decided on a floral theme for our mimosa flavors.

Invite your brunch buddies

I personally wanted to keep my brunch intimate, with only the close girlfriends that I frequently go to brunch with. A couple of the girls came over early to help me prepare the crepes. I ended up with about 10 attendees, which was helpful in keeping preparations reasonable for a Sunday morning.

Decide the menu

I decided to go with crepes because of the fun different fillings and toppings that people can customize with. The preparation time and difficulty is also moderate so I wasn’t biting off more than I could chew in preparing for guests early in the morning. In addition to the fillings and toppings, I also accented the dish with bacon.

For the mimosas, we decided to add a twist in order to keep the selection interesting. We decided to focus on a specific taste theme so that even though there were different options, there’d be a cohesive flavor. The recipe was left completely up to experimentation, made easier with my bartender friend who specializes in creating alcoholic concoctions. The recipes are listed below.

Choose the crepe fillings

We went with conventional crepe options: Fruit compotes, cream cheese, honey. We opted for peaches, apples, blueberries and strawberries. The bulk of preparation probably lied with cutting and cooking the fruit. We used the same recipe for each fruit selection: 2 tbsp butter, cinnamon & sugar to taste  

Choose the crepe toppings

We decided to use whip cream, chocolate and caramel syrups and honey roasted almonds. This was the easiest part of the set-up, as we just used the store-bought versions.

Set the scene

We set the buffet up in order of napkins, plates and utensils, crepes, filling, toppings, candied bacon, cups and mimosas.


Mimosa Flavors & Recipes:

The standard recipe for mimosas is 1 part Champagne and 1 part orange juice.

Since we wanted to leave room to get creative with the floral liqueurs, our recipe looked more like this:

We filled 1/2 of the bottle with the juice flavor, 3/8 with champagne and 1/8 with the flavored floral liqueur.

If our floral flavors came courtesy of a syrup (hibiscus & rose), we maintained the usual amount of champagne and used less of the flavoring to keep the sweetness tame. Floral flavors can get overbearing so I would always recommend sampling your mixture to find your preference.

We had three bottles of Prosecco, 1 bottle each of our selected juice flavors and 1 bottle/jar of our floral flavor. 

Blueberry Lavender

Fill half of the bottle with blueberry pomegranate juice, 3/8 with Prosecco, 1/8 with lavender liqueur, add 6 muddled mint leaves (This was my favorite)

Pear Elderflower

Fill half of the bottle with pear juice, 3/8 with Prosecco, 1/8 with Elderflower Liqueur

Strawberry Hibiscus

Fill half of bottle with strawberry kiwi juice, the second half of bottle with Prosecco, add hibiscus syrup to taste.

Apple Cider Rosewater

Fill half of bottle with Apple Cider, the second half of bottle with Prosecco, add rosewater to taste.






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