Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen is a multifaceted artist that explores almost every venue of fine artistry. She has produced work in the two dimensional realm of painting and drawing, as well as the three-dimensional world of sculpture. She has also expressed her artistry through the preforming art of dance.

All of these practices she has melded together to create her current performance pieces that result in beautiful large scale drawings. Her process now involves her whole body. The making of her work is as much art as the finished product.

She incorporates her knowledge of two-dimensional traditional art and her knowledge and expertise in dance to create massive charcoal drawings that map her fluid movements across the paper. Her drawings hinge on the symmetry and fluidity of her movements.

There is a ritualistic and spiritual aspect of her work seen in the repetition of her motions to create her marks. As she moves the charcoal flows along the paper in sweeping marks. She blends and softens these marks in the same way she created them: repetitive motion.

erThese awe inspiring expansive works are maps of her body’s motion that have created a beautifully balanced abstract work of art as well as a cathartic and mesmerizing performance piece. 


Photos courtesy of  Heather Hansen 

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