Pursuit of Daydreams Artist Gift Guide

A few creative ideas for those creatives on your gift list. Whether they choose to express themselves through paint, film or graphics, the creative in your life will surely be excited to unwrap any of these artsy gift ideas. 

  1. A subscription to darbysmart.com  is perfect for the DIYers on your list. This website offers DIY kits for a diverse range of projects with which the receiver can create from scratch. Included in each kit are directions and materials that are sure to entertain and inspire the crafty person on your list. Pick a project for your DIYer or give the gift that keeps on giving with a monthly subscription that includes a mystery kit every month. 
  2. Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs 
  3. Moleskine Smart Creative Cloud Notebook is the sketchbook of the millennium. Hand drawn sketches can now seamlessly be converted into workable digital graphic files, with no other aid but the Creative Cloud connected Moleskine app.  
  4. A Painterly mug 
  5. Smart Phone Photography Kit because phone cameras are for so much more than selfies! This enthusiast kit transforms your meager phone into an all out photography studio. 
  6. Frida & Diego mugs perfectly capture the signatures of one of Art’s favorite romance. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera make for the perfect vessel with which to carry the artist’s inevitable and always nearby coffee/tea.
  7. Moleskine Artist Sketchbook if you’re going to get a sketchbook, might as well be a classic Moleskine. And if you’re going to get a classic Moleskine, might as well be an all-inclusive sketchpad that comes with pencils, sharpeners and discreet pockets, because everything ever is better should you add discreet pockets. 
  8. Travel Artist Kit
  9. Lens Mug yet another mug to wield the creativity juice that keeps our artists going. A lens mug that looks like so much like the real thing that we’ll add advise our photographer recipient to ensure they’ve had their coffee prior to shooting, lest they confuse their mug for their lens. 
  10. Goodbye Picasso for the sentimental art collector, this book showcases the bond between two art icons, a collaborative memoire between painter and photographer, Picasso and David Douglas Duncan. 
  11. A set of paint brushes 
  12. Dali: The Paintings Dali still holds first place for the superlative of most monumental mustaches, probably because the next most monumental mustache belonged to Hitler who was also most monumental butthead of probably all time so he is disqualified from monumental mustache superlatives, making Dali winner by default. Anyway, get your artist friends the  book about the guy with the best mustache ever.
  13. Pencil Stylus by FiftyThree is another great gift for the graphic designer, allowing them to transform their iPad into a digital sketchpad. This stylus gives a real pencil-to-paper experience, allowing the artist to erase with the back end,  rest their hand on the screen, while still offering the benefits of technological design.


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