Frostbitten Waves in Nantucket

Photographer, traveler and surfer, Jonathan Nimerfroh, stumbled upon nature being a majestic slushy machine last week at a super cold beach in Nantucket. The gorgeous photographs show waves rolling in a bit thicker than usual. At 19 degrees Fahrenheit, the water had nearly frozen, creating rolling sheets of ice. Nimerfroh says of the enchanting images:

“I just noticed a really bizarre horizon. The snow was up to my knees, getting to the water. I saw these crazy half-frozen waves. Usually on a summer day you can hear the waves crashing, but it was absolutely silent. It was like I had earplugs in my ears.”

Nimerfroh said he returned a couple of days later to find the entire ocean completely frozen for at least 200 feet from the shore.

The Associated Press posted this video a few days later, of a completely frozen Nantucket shoreline. So eerily beautiful.



Photos via: Stay Wild Magazine ; Video via Associated Press

Jonathan Nimerfroh website and Instagram




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