Feast Your Eyes : Table Decor for your holiday festivities

So Thanksgiving is coming. And while the Instagram world collectively dreads the flood of inevitable  and unbearably unoriginal photos of “no way, you had turkey too??” (yet posts their own contribution anyway,) you will offer your guests the opportunity to stand out among the normative #foodporn.

While we habitually scroll through our feeds, eyes glazed over from boredom and/or the impending food coma, your banquet will be the one that we linger upon, perhaps even long enough to like—the plate framed by the curated autumnal backdrop, the one that needs no filter because who needs Earlybird when you have a golden pumpkin centerpiece, amiright? Your table decor is our beacon of hope for a likable Thanksgiving picture.

These beautiful autumnal table settings are just the inspiration you need to make you the host your guests are most thankful for.  Because not only did you prepare a feast for their bellies, but you made a feast for their eyes—and their followers’ eyes—too.

Whether you prefer your table stylings to be rustic, elegant, glam or otherwise, there are a plethora of autumnal options worthy of your thematic layout. From lantern centerpieces, woodsy runners to burlap napkins, #Thanksgiving never looked so good.

Photos via Pinterest. 


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