Decorating with wallpaper | The old-new decor statement you need in your home

There was a short time there when decorating with wallpaper felt like a dated approach to interior design. Wallpaper is like a wardrobe in that it is primarily reflective of trends. The prints, patterns, and colors turn into a timestamp that ultimately becomes a glaring expiration date.

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Decorating with wallpaper

The distinguishing difference though, between wallpaper and wardrobes, is that wallpaper is not nearly as easy to update as wardrobes are. This permanence makes it intimidating because of the necessary commitment involved. Choosing a wallpaper can feel like walking down an aisle to devoted partnership until death do us part.

Meanwhile, solid painted walls read more as a basic and, thus, skew more towards timelessness.

Because of this, there was a chapter there when people were exclusively opting for paint as the modern design choice to give their rooms color and character.

Why decorating with wallpaper is the best way to add a statement

But, alas, wallpaper has fervently returned, making it a trend in and of itself.

Modern design trends have actually made a point of embracing decor themes rather than decor trends.

Mid-century, art-deco, bohemian, retro. Our design preferences are more built around a central motif rather than a passing trend. This gives our decor choices more of a timeless essence.

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And many of these themes are straight out of decades past, proving the latest approach is more about modernizing details rather than overhauling entire design. Being detail-oriented rather than design-oriented allows us to tweak our aesthetic rather than trash it.

Now, a wallpaper decision is better poised to outlast seasonal nuances. But it still pays to beware of trends—a lot of these modern wallpaper prints and patterns are more tempting than timeless. Looking to your specific taste and existing decor before decision making can ensure longevity. 

Wallpaper has been solidified as the old-new, best way to add either subtle or statement originality to accent walls, ceilings, entire rooms. Take a peak through the gallery above to get some updated wallpaper ideas.

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