Rug layering is a decor concept that can transform the way we add statements, pattern and color to our homes. Mixing and matching different rugs adds dimension and texture in a fun and versatile way. A great outfit incorporates layering as a rule of thumb, so why not take its merits and apply it to our rooms? The dynamic interplay of multiple rugs create a compelling decorative composition that carpet could just never achieve.
Add texture

Wools, sheepskin, shag, jute, the options are endless. These materials intermingle for a dynamic play on texture. Cozy textures are toned down by a more casual partner, like jute. In turn, sheepskin can immediately warm up a less inviting living room. Fringe plays nicely with a tighter weave. Hide rugs layers over wool for a statement. 

Make color connections

Rugs are great ways to draw an entire room together. A patterned rug can interact with another subtle but similarly colored rug, or it can anchor your other room accents together. Furthermore, a colorful rug easily amp up a space that is otherwise neutral with no risk of clashing. 

Size solutions

Rugs can be overwhelmingly expensive, but small rugs can tend to look ill-fitting or out of place. Strategic rug layering can help expand the room and balance size elements without breaking the budget. 

Play with patterns

Rug layering can add a playful mix of patterns, whether your printed and patterned rugs are interacting amongst themselves or adding more of a statement dialogue between the other colorful or patterned elements in your room.

Mix and match themes:

If you want to tone down a theme, juxtapose it against another theme. This can drive home your aesthetic without being overbearing. Luxe can be fun but overwhelming. Tone that sheepskin down with a minimalist woven style rug. Your bohemian sanctuary exudes a Mediterranean zen but perhaps the color bonanza can employ a Moroccan fringe trimmed area rug with a thinner antique printed wool. Rustic hide rugs will effortlessly shine on a solid woven jute. 

Decorate without overcommitting: 

Rugs can add a pop of color without the commitment of paint or carpet. Colorful rugs can draw out tones from your accent pillows, paintings, or window trimmings, rounding out your room for a complete look without being too matchy. And the best part—you can switch them out when you get bored. 


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