You don’t need a 4-leaf clover to create your own luck

Successful people never leave their luck up to chance. In order to increase your odds, you have to take accountability and then initiative and create your own luck.

Create your own luck

If you want to improve your odds, read below for seven ways you can create your own luck. 

Reassess your assumptions about luck

The fairytale version of luck teaches us that it is some random, fateful occurrence that is completely outside of our personal control. If you adjust your approach to the concept of luck in a way that transfers the control from fate’s hands to your own hands, you will find its presence much more frequently.

Be proactive

Luck finds regularity within the lives of those with the initiative to get up and get it. People who passively wait for something spectacular to happen may or may not ever experience that break. And, certainly, it won’t happen with any consistency. I would advise against leaving the state of your future to chance.

Recognize opportunities

The biggest thief of luck is missed opportunities. The biggest cause of missed opportunities is the inability to recognize them. Recognizing opportunities comes from positively positioning your perspective towards possibility. Don’t worry so much about your own immediate interpretation of an opportunity’s potential. Assumptions can prevent our ability to recognize and thus pursue opportunity due to biased concepts of timing, comfort or personal adequacy. When opportunities come and then when they are embraced, timing catches up, comfort zones become malleable, and your adequacy will rise to the occasion. 

Eliminate limitations; Embrace discomfort

Luck embraces and rewards those who can escape the clutches of comfort. Limitations and comfort zones are simply weak excuses in disguise. We cling to them when we are afraid of the next step in relation our own incompetence or present circumstance. But that’s just the thing. Our incompetence and our circumstances are temporary and easily evolved, but only if we allow them to be.


The people you cross paths have the potential to become some of your best resources. You never know the connections your connections will yield. If you productively socialize, you may just come across someone who can pivot or utterly launch you to success. 

Say yes

We can head ourselves off with a “no” mentality. If your goal is progress, you can not be your own obstacle. We become our own worst enemy if our default attitude is a can’t-do attitude. Saying yes is the key to so many formerly locked doors. Every door may not lead to your staircase to success, but all it takes is the one yes to that one possibility that translates potential into progress. 

Take risks 

It is nearly impossible to find luck by remaining safely within your comfort zone. Luck rewards those who go out and seek it and sometimes that adventure can only be initiated by taking a risk, by taking a chance on the unknown.

The universe conspires to reward those who believe and strive long and hard enough—in themselves and in the possibilities that good things may come to those who wait but luck comes to those who go out and get it. 

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