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At, we are always in pursuit of beautiful content. If you have a contribution towards this effort, please contact us!
-An invitation from the editor-
The content presented here represents but a few voices from a few humans with a few lifestyles and experiences. We can only present that which we know. Though we generally consider the team here to be well-rounded in passion and experience, we are but mere humans who have limits in knowledge, time and talent. Thus in order to offer a broader and more diverse spectrum of voices, humans, lifestyles and experiences, we invite (beg) you to contribute to the dialogue—to offer your unique passionate perspective so that the diversity of creativity and passion among the universe can be adequately represented here. We would like you to accept us as your confidant, a diary, a safe haven for all creative expression, no matter its source, nor its manifestation.
-Examples of what we are looking for-
The Pursuit of Daydreams meticulously curates content that applies to a range of interests and ideas, including but not limited to:
  • articles/general musings, poetry how-tos/DIYs
  • video/photography
  • art, fashion, beauty, and design
  • whatever the heck inspires you
  • We do however desire to maintain as a safe space for all, so we ask that any contributions steer clear of any overtly divisive or controversial topics.

    We view all of these things through a passionate perspective and need content that conveys an artful or creative skew. In addition to subject matter that harmonizes with the motifs represented on the site, we are especially drawn to authenticity, ingenuity, and originality. The encompassing aesthetic should harmonize with the Pursuit of Daydreams, so, when in doubt, refer to our previous content for inspiration or guidance.

    What's in it for you?

    Your name and work in front of a niche reader-base. Featuring your work here is a lovely way to market yourself and build your brand! We respect your craft, and we want to bring attention to it. We are focused on helping talented people like you gain exposure, attention, and experience.
    When available and/or if eligible, some contributions may receive monetary compensation.

    Want to contribute?
    If contributing to sounds like something you’d be interested in, then please send your submission through the form to the right.
    Contribution Types

    Freelance contributions include submissions of articles or multimedia that act as cohesive content on the site. If your freelance piece is published, you will receive a credit via the post's byline. Credits include name and optional photo, short bio, and links to any personal websites/contact info/social networks.

    If you have articles and/or other multimedia content that you’d like us to consider for freelance placement, you can use the form below. Upon approval, we will e-mail you to notify your content has been accepted.

    Guest Edit

    Guest editors will act as a topic editor for a month in accordance with one of our passion categories.

    The first article should introduce the guest editor and their craft or passion, offering a preview of what readers can expect from them.

    Guest editors can include information, photos and links to their websites, companies or blogs.

    You may contribute and aggregate original content or repost your own pre-posted blog and article posts, which we will link to the initial post.

    All content should be originated from you or be appropriately attributed to the source.

    We will generally try to seek out our guest editors and invite them to fill the monthly role. But if we have not contacted you, that's okay! Please reach out via the form below and let us know how you'd like to fulfill this opportunity.

    Features & Collaboration

    We love to involve and expose our readers by showcasing their creative pursuits.

    We utilize several feature mediums:

    Social Network: Tag your photos on Instagram with #pursuitofdaydreams for the opportunity to get featured on the site or on our social networks.

    Article profiles: Profiles are short biographies of individuals and their craft, featured on the website as cohesive content. Though we try to seek you out, the world is too big for us to efficiently find and feature every talented individual. So, if you think you have a biography worth sharing, help us find you! Submit your story via the form to the right!

    Examples of Reader Feature pieces:

    small business owner/artisan profile
    independent artist works
    prose or poetry, fact or fiction
    photography or videography documentaries
    decorators, stylists and designers
    independent musicians

    The possibilities are endless. Whatever it may be, please do not hesitate to show us your masterpiece! You could get featured!

    *If you don’t necessarily have an entire piece to submit but would still like to sponsor a post or collaborate with our brand, please submit your idea or request in the submission form below. *

    Mentor or Teach

    At Pursuit of Daydreams, we don't want to only encourage people to pursue their daydreams, we want to teach them how to as well.

    Whether it is business acumen, crafts or skills, or comprehensive, multi-curriculum courses, we are providing a space to turn whims into skills and enthusiasts into experts.

    We are in the process of building The Pursuit Institute, an e-academy specializing in teaching and mentoring our network of dreamers. If you believe that you have a talent, not only for your craft, but also for teaching others, we would love to have you aboard as one of our first reputable instructors.

    Each instructor will receive a majority portion of revenue earned from the course that they are hosting.

    This feature will be launching later this year. In order to stay updated about this opportunity, please subscribe here.

    Stay Tuned For Pursuit Institute

    Submission Protocol

    *To submit your contribution, please use the form below.

    In your submission please include any desired personal info that you'd like included in your byline: brief bio, personal urls or contacts so that you can be attributed to your liking.

    *Please note that, in order to preserve the integrity of this site and to protect the artists we feature, we cannot accept work that does not belong to the sender.*

    *We cannot guarantee that every submission will be featured or replied to, but if your work is chosen, we will send you an email or social (via social network) correspondence, which signifies that we love your work and want to feature it on Pursuit of Daydreams.*

    *We reserve the right to select and publish pieces at our own discretion.*

    *Upon submission, it is understood that permissions are released to us to present your content on this site with proper attribution.*

    *If your article is accepted, it may then be moderately edited if necessary, upon which we will send you a final draft for your approval. (Edits would only be made to grammar, not content.)*

    *For multimedia submissions (photo, video, audio) please submit a link to the source or send an email to with an attachment.

    *Once your content has been reviewed and approved, you will receive notice with an expected publish date. Publishing schedules may be dependent upon topic-relevant or time-sensitive priorities, so we ask that you please be patient as we prepare your post.*

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