Clare Elsaesser

The dreamy, pastel-toned minimalist paintings by California based painter Clare Elsaesser are not your typical portraiture. The faces of her subjects are obscured by wild, over sized wreaths or bouquets of flowers, as if intoxicated by their fragrance. The bouquets whimsically perpetuate the mood and tone of the scenes without overwhelming the faceless subjects.

 Body language conveys the actions and feelings of the girls, while the color palette is immediately peaceful, as if you are walking through a serene, fragrant garden. The prints and patterns of the girls’ outfits juxtaposed with the bouquets adds a cohesive whimsical mood.

Her flower maidens are a merged inspiration of nature and her own daydreams come to life via matte acrylics, wooden panels, textured watercolor paper, and sewing.

-Visit her Etsy shop to purchase her painting-


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