Christmas Decor: The 5 most wonderful holiday styling inspirations for the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas Decor: The most wonderful holiday styling inspirations for the most wonderful time of the year

Fireplaces ablaze, mugs filled with hot chocolate, cozy knits. My favorite winter elements, all especially enhanced by the perfect background of strings lights, scents of pine and sparkly ornaments.


Here are five of my favorite Christmas decor tips and ideas:


Keep it simple

Sometimes less really is more. Naked trees compliment  clean minimalist decor style. 

Christmas tree

Christmas Decor

Make it Floral

Flowers add a feminine flare to the Christmas spirit. Winter could use some spring time color with a burst of floral accents?

Christmas tree decor Christmas Decor


Get creative with the base

Decor doesn’t have to stop at the branches. Knit tree skirts or sleigh bases add a winter wonderland right in the warmth of your home. 

christmas tree 1

Christmas tree decor 2

christmas tree

Veer from tradition

Get creative with your decor. Your creative talents take center stage with unique and non-traditional festive decor.  

Christmas tree decor 1

Christmas tree branches

Don’t fret over small spaces

No space is to small to get the Christmas treatment. 

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree 1 2

Christmas tree decoration 1

christmas trees

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