Charlotte Caron : One With Nature

These enchanting painted photographs by Charlotte Caron conceptualize the idea of spirit animals by masking photographic portraits with painted animal faces. The acrylic lines blend seamlessly on top of the photographic ones, while the smeared paint blurs the reality with a this gorgeous ecological fantasy. The intensity of each painting is cohesive to the overall context of the photo, as if telling a story of the subjects’ personalities and moods.

Charlotte says of the painted photographs:

“This series of paintings, photographs, are trying to respond to a form of duality… ultimately creating an osmosis between the two mediums, between the animal and the portrait.”

These masks not only play on the dualistic humanization of animals and the animalization of humans, but also seem to convey the undertone that we all harbor inside of us a wild animal and, perhaps too, that we all, at some point, hide behind masks.

See more of Charlotte’s work here

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