HIIT Circuits | A cardio workout when running is just not on the menu today

In the infamous words of Fat Amy:

So I hate running

The thought alone can make me deviate from working out altogether. I love lifting weights and various
types of strength training but make every excuse possible when it comes to running. Cardio, however, is
a necessary evil. Thankfully there are a plethora of ways to get your heartbeat racing without taking those
tormenting strides with absolutely no end in sight!

HIIT Circuits | Your new favorite cardio 

HIIT circuits (High-Intensity Interval Training) are a great way to warm up and replace running. Also, you are new to working out or just taking a light day (with no weights) HIIT exercises are sure to engage your entire body and get your heart rate up!
The main idea behind these HIIT exercises is to do high-intensity aerobic exercise with very little interval
time. This means you are constantly moving! Normally one of these circuits will last between 20 and 30-
minutes. The following exercises can be added to your circuit.
-Jumping Rope (45 Seconds)
-High Knees (20 each leg)
-Mountain Climbers (15 each leg)
-Burpees (5)
-Jumping Jacks (40)
-Butt Kicks (20 each leg)
-Jump Squats (10)
-Criss Cross Crunches (20 each side)
-Side Lunges (10 each side)
-Side Shuffles (5 each side X5)

I would suggest choosing 4 of these, alternating between one movement that is a higher intensity to
another that is a little less intense (because you will not stop to rest). And repeat the sequence 4 times…
Or more if you would like!
Jump Squats, Butt Kicks, Jumping Jacks, and Criss Cross Crunches -Repeat 4 times taking no more than
a 30-second break after completing a sequence.
Do these 4 with the corresponding repetitions or times. If the amount of repetitions or length of time is
too little or too much you can alter the exercise to fit your needs. ONLY YOU KNOW YOUR BODY!! Listen
to what she tells you.
After completing your workout make sure you hydrate and be sure you do not stop moving too abruptly.
Take a walk for a minute or 2 so your body can acclimate back to your resting heart rate. Make your tummy happy after a HIIT session with some hummus, trail mix or yogurt with fruit and granola. These
are the perfect snack for your body afterward. You deserve a little treat after all that cardio.


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