Bohemian Chic meets Marrakech

I have this ongoing fantasy of Casablanca Bazaars and Tangiers Markets. The vibrant colors that are indicative of this Mediterranean paradise make me swoon. Moroccan inspired attire is the perfect blend of safari and bohemian chic.

I regularly brood over Moroccan architecture; the intricate tiling and ornate door frames are the stuff of 1001 Arabian dreams. I think I am so infatuated with Morocco because it is the real life extension of my childhood imagination where I was Jasmine from Aladdin. She was always my favorite princess.

Anyway, I am thrilled with this trend of tile, moroccan inspired prints that have made its way into the fashion world and since I have yet to realize my bucket list to wander the bazaars of Marrakech, I will opt to at least dress the part. 

Get The Look: A Moroccan Inspired Wardrobe







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