Bobbie Burgers

Bobbie Burgers’ explosive painterly bouquets are bursting with color and texture. Her abstracted interpretation of the classic still life technique employs a modern and feminine aesthetic. There is an essence of impressionism, similar to the gardens captured by Monet or Van Gogh’s sunflowers, an influence that is perhaps to be expected from her studies in Aix-en-Provence,

Her expressive and abstract botanical manifestations beautifully capture the life-stages of flora, the wilted petals as striking as the blooming ones. 

Dorota Kozinska, an art critic perfectly summarizes Burgers’ floral masterpieces:

“Burgers’ subject never feels excised from nature, but rather breathed in and exhaled as art. Unstructured, bold, her textured paintings reveal layers of emotions, with brushstrokes gliding across a canvas like a caress, exposing dimensions of color and tone that subvert the nature of the flower, transforming it into a painterly landscape of abstract proportions.  Expressionistic, unencumbered, her large acrylic paintings belong to a contemporary school of art, and within it, to Bobbie Burgers alone.”      

Sweeping brushstrokes and vivid color evoke a very tangible experience for the viewer. Drips of paint give the blooms a gorgeous sense of disarray, an essence of overgrowth or chaos. This reckless narrative of beauty in turn draws the viewer in to not only a visual experience, but also an emotional one. 

Burgers describes her paintings:

“Over the past couple of years, my florals have moved from being portraits of flowers, to being portraits of time. In them, past, present and future play out for me simultaneously. Painting flowers can’t only be what meets the eye at one finite moment, I feel my works have to combine the light, the movement, the perfume, the emotions, the path this sends us on, the focus, lack of focus, the opening and closing in fresh cold air… the list can go on indefinitely. I love painting flowers for their ability to encapsulate life, death and renewal.  These blossoms have a history, they are combining past, present, future, dreams and realities into one final vision, which I hope expresses my wonder of the natural world.”


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