Style File | Basket Bags

If there ever was a perfect summer accessory, the basket bag would be it. Okay, sure sunglasses may be our timeless summer staple but the basket bag is a sure second. It is pretty much a masterful hybrid between the straw beach tote and a picnic basket. The basket bag transcends seaside activities, morphing it into a multi-situational summer statement.

With chic leather details, flirty fringe, brass hardware, or cheeky embroidery, these bags of the season adequately accessorize ensembles far beyond bikinis and sunhats. While baskets as accessories were commonly reserved for picnics,  the shrunken iteration makes the perfect hybrid for summer activities and fashionable details. 

If you are questioning the longevity of the mini picnic basket, rest assured the trend does have some timeless weight behind it. In fact, it touts quite the fashionable pedigree thanks to Jane Birkin, who is possibly the queen of timeless bags. The style icon frequently accessorized her summer looks with wicker and straw totes.

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