Andy Denzler

The smeared paintings by Swiss artist Andy Denzler are moody and evocative, suggestive of the nature of the effervescent quality of nostalgia and time.

Denzler’s glitch paintings deal with several nostalgic themes. He recreates imagery inspired by paused video tapes, the smeared impasto mimicking the static interrupting a paused moment. These paused scenes are transient metaphors about time, movement, memories and suspended moments. 

“I’m principally concerned with addressing time and evoking a narrative through composition, light, and motion,” Denzler says. “I depict time by applying a filter of blurred movement.”

Though the scenes that Denzler portrays in his snapshots are rarely grand in gesture or circumstance, he still is able to convey a sense of drama and emotion amidst the simplicity of the captured moment. 

Instead of the serene quality one may experience when recollecting a blurred or faded memory, the starkly smeared aesthetic narrates a quality that is a bit more dramatic, similar to how one may feel after a break up or an argument.

The detailed quality of his photorealistic paintings are interrupted by abstract techniques, rippling the details, interrupting the clarity and focus of reality, further perpetuating the concept of the interwoven experience of our reality when it is breached by abstract emotion.



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