adeleAdele turned 25 this year and quite naturally celebrated her quarter century by dropping another age-themed album.  That anxiously awaited ’25’ will be released in November. 

The singer came on the scene 6 years ago, dropped two albums, and then left us in frenzied anticipation for 22? maybe 24? Birthday  after birthday passed and no new album. 

After having a baby, the songstress took a very silent hiatus from the industry, leaving us only with the repeat button to keep us warm.

With the album name revealed, and predictably following suit of her freshman and sophomore albums, it will be means for speculation if the content will follow the previous themes as well. Adele seems the type to write what she knows and thus garnered Grammy winning break-ups. 

But her life as of late seems to have finally found “someone like you.” Thus her fans may find a bit of a deviation from that former heartbroken  motif so maybe we should prepare our ears for some love ballads. 


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