Soaking Up The End of Summer


Soaking Up The End of Summer
When summer starts, it feels like we’ll have an infinite amount of time to be outside enjoying the sun’s rays. It’s as though the summer feels like a warm and inviting season that has no end in sight.
Yet, here we are. It’s the middle of August and September is so close by I can already smell the cozy scents of fall. For me, it’s cinnamon, nutmeg, and rosemary. Actually, I really can smell the cinnamon because grocers are already swapping out their seasonal storefront displays from ripe, juicy peaches to cinnamon sticks. We all know that pumpkins are following close behind.
And, let me remind you – it’s still nearly 90 degrees here in Atlanta. 90! Summer may last longer in the south, but the end will surely come sooner than we’re ready. 
Now, instead of mourning the daunting end of summer, let’s instead soak up every ounce of its luscious being before we settle in for a chilly winter. Here’s how:
Get outside as much as possible
It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just get outside! Instead of your typical coffee date, ask if your friend/acquaintance/colleague would be willing to head outdoors for a walk. Oh, and it’s not like I’m saying to not enjoy your morning fuel. Get it to go and enjoy the sun outdoors, while you can! 
Savor the summer flavors
Stock up on produce, if you can. Indulge on those summer flavors with a new recipe. How about a Summer Tomato TartSummer Citrus Salad, or perhaps even a Lavender Honey Lemon cocktail? Either way, enjoy those summer flavors to the max.
Dining al fresco
When summer rolls around, I crave dining al fresco as though it’s a necessity for making it through the summer heat. There’s something so relaxing and enjoyable about a simple, seasonal meal outdoors. I turn to those summer flavors in the form of big green salads and easy one-pan meals, and take them outside for sunset dinners on the patio. It’s good for the soul.
What other ways do you enjoy soaking up the last few succulent weeks of summer? 

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