9 Ways to Create an Inspiring Workspace

Inspiring Workspace

The worst thing you can do with your home workspace is make it into a boring cubicle. Here are several ways to ensure adequate and personalized inspiration. 

1 | Style:

Choose an aesthetic according to your personality, (do you prefer minimalist or quirky, chic or rustic, feminine or boho?) and map your decor around that. You will feel right in your element whenever you’re in your office. 

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2 | Function:

Know the purposes you require. Does your space need to accommodate a sewing machine or just a laptop. Will you be drawing or painting, or writing in a journal? Perhaps you do all of these things. If you need a multifunctional space that accommodates a multitude of activities, incorporate that into the design. For example, a writing table that can also double as a sketch board makes switching from task to task all the more efficient. 

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3 | Lighting:

Lighting helps to stimulate mental function. Natural lighting is always great so set up by a window if you have that luxury. If not, bright and fun lighting helps keeps us focused and mentally stimulated. If you feel you work better in a more muted setting, then a subtle lamp may suit you better than open open blinds and overhead lighting. 

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4 | Comfort:

Find comfortable seating but make sure it’s not too comfortable. You don’t want a chair so comfy that you can curl up and take a nap, but you also don’t want one that leaves you in pain after 1 hr. Find a chair that has cushions, and encourages good posture.

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5 | Time Keeping and Goal Setting:

Keeping a clock, calendar, todo list, vision or idea board helps keep your short and long term goals in sight. Keeping constant affirmation and goals in view keeps you on track.  Incorporate elements of things that inspire or motivate you to achieve those goals—a gallery wall or a vision board in front of your desk, a montage of friends and family, wall art, or posters with motivating quotes. Whatever may keep you inspired, make sure to keep it in front of your face.

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6 | Color palette

There is a psychology to colors. Cool tones, bright hues, neutrals or monochrome, can directly affect your productivity. All of these colors affect your mentality differently, and depending upon your work and your personality, the colors you use in your workplace are very important. Bright colors can channel a energetic, cheerful mindset. Whites and neutrals are more soothing and streamlined. Softer or muted tones like pastels are calming. Darker palettes can help minimize distractive mindsets and deepen your sense of focus. 

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7 | Organization-

Keeping organized is necessary for obvious reasons. A cluttered office often fosters a cluttered mind, making it difficult to keep track of your stuff and can facilitate getting off task and stress. 

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8 | Compartmentalization:

If you can, set aside an entire room just for work. If that’s not possible, try designating a nook or alcove to productive purpose. It is best if you don’t merge your workspace with your bedroom, where it will be easy to take naps, or your kitchen which engenders idle eating. Our mind subconsciously reacts to these atmospheres, triggering hunger or sleepiness when it finds itself in the rooms we typically designate for those activities. So, naturally, if there is a space specifically designed for work, our minds will react productively. Additionally, your mind doesn’t have to wage war between getting work done or succumbing to the enticing temptation that a bed or a refrigerator typically fosters.  

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9 | Atmosphere:

You may want to curate a therapeutic atmosphere, Scent is a great way to do that by using fresh flowers or plants, candles or other forms of aromatherapy. Sound is another atmospheric quality that can cater to our productivity. Do you work better in complete silence or do you need a bit of soft music in the background.

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