The Sunday Paper | April 23, 2017

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The fashion industry is in reform, consciously working towards processes that don’t damage the environment while still remaining efficient and desirable for consumers. Conservation group, WWF has initiated a project called The New Normal, which aims to use durable materials recycled from textile waste.

Harlem’s francophilia dates back to the Harlem Renaissance, a cultural essence that has historically been rich with music and literature. Lately French restaurants have been sprouting up through the neighborhood, adding to our foodie bucket list. 

Wardrobe Snacks is a photo series inspired by mundane yet visually stunning everyday scenes. Monochrome outfits set the sleek backdrop for complimentary food, as seen on “informal diners.” People on the go munching on a snack on the bus or on a park bench. 

Found Leather Goods, which has championed a rustic luxury specializes handmade and authentic goods. They have mastered a feel of accessibility fused with quality,  luxury without the pomposity. 





Summer is coming so it’s time to get on those vacation plans. If your circle is anything like my friends and myself, you may be running into the planning roadblock of scheduling chaos. But don’t let your much-needed vacation time fall victim to the inability to get on the same page—here is a list of 7 tips for solo-traveling. 

The Fashion Spot has given us a helpful breakdown of organic, all-natural beauty products, which is not only helpful for the environment but is also great for your skin. 

And while we are on the subject of organic and sustainable beauty products, perfume and “fragrance” is still a frontier with a leaf left unturned.

A wrapup of what to anticipate in the upcoming Cannes Festival. In recent years, the timeless festival has been modernizing by broadening the mediums represented, now including virtual reality.






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