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In this week’s episode of Creative Director Musical Chairs, we have Natacha Ramsay-Levi taking over the helm at Chloé. Claire Waight Keller is leaving behind some big shoes. But though Ramsay-Levi may not be a household name as of yet, the new creative director has enough clout to fill the role, as she leaves her design director under Nicholas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton. 


Rei Kawakubo, the reclusive designer behind Comme des Garconnes, gives an exclusive interview on the eve of the Met Gala Exhibit featuring her legacy. 

The 90s has been on a role for the past year, tickling all of our nostalgic fancies and childhood dreams. So get out your overalls and turn up your cd player (?). Because 90s R&B darlings TLC are back with a new single featuring Snoop Dogg.

Most of us may not exactly be able to achieve the diva lifestyle á la Beyoncé’s but at least our Barbie dolls can dress like her. Beyoncé’s stylist Marni Senofante collaborated with Barbie to create styles fit for a diva.




I-d Magazine interviews Tim Walker, the iconic photographer whose fantastical images incorporate themes of fairytales and surrealism, interestingly inspired by the “pursuit of truth.”

Steve Jobs was not immune to those mental dead ends that plagues the creative mind. And his solution is fortunately not rocket science. Suffering from a creative block? This is an easy solution to get those creative juices flowing again. Some of our most pivotal creative developments started with a walk. 

This experimental bamboo house in China brilliantly incorporates sustainable technology to cool and heat the home using groundwater and geothermal heat pump, minimizing its carbon footprint. 

In respect to the upcoming Earth Day, take a look at Nike’s innovative transformation from a fast fashion business model steeped in scandal to embracing sustainability.


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