7 Spring cleaning Resolutions

Spring cleaning is a great practice in the traditional sense. Just as nature is fresh and new, so too are our households. But this year, I wanted to apply spring cleaning to the dusty corners and cobwebs of my own life. I have made 10 cleaner living resolutions this Spring so that I can find a fresh start.

spring cleaning


My hardest hurdle. I am a chronic accumulator. And I am averse to getting rid of things, “just in case.” I have decided to decrease my possessions by 20%. This includes everything from my closet to my home to my beauty cabinet. (I am a sucker for internet beauty crazes and for impeccable branding. I have stockpiled so many products that I could open my own beauty supply store. And half the time I don’t know where to begin with an actual “routine.”)

Cleaning my technology habits

I want to decrease my screen time. I will clean out distracting apps from my phone. Our screens hold our attention hostage. We can lose hours just mesmerized by our little hand-held screens. I want to minimize the hold my phone has on me by clearing out certain apps and being selective with notifications. 

Cleaning out cluttery emails

I get a waterfall of newsletter emails each day that turn my inbox into chaos. I have so many e-commerce newsletters that not only cause me to sift through a heap of temptation each day, but should there be anything particularly important, it is buried beneath promo codes and new arrivals. 

Cleaning eating habits.

I am currently detoxing. I was holding onto the good old days when I could eat anything and evade any side effects. But recently my body has made more of a point of revolting against my terrible food habits. I have never been one to tell myself no, especially where food is involved. Ice cream is one of my favorite evening rituals.

But I am trying to leave indulgent food for occasions and ensure my routine foods are well rounded and healthy. I am increasing my vegetable intake, supplementing with probiotics and vitamins, and taking shots of aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. It’s only been a couple of weeks but I am feeling better already. 

Cleaning my mind from complaining.

I have realized that many of the conversations I partake in are inherently negative. A dialogue of venting. And it’s not even that we are upset or looking for a solution. We clearly just enjoy complaining. But complaining is toxic and it begins to mold your perception and your life.

It is the very opposite of finding the silver lining. We look for the cloud on a sunny day. Why is that? I find myself in the midst of a perfectly good day, making conversation about the one slight inconvenience. I want to completely give up complaining and replace gratitude in these new vacancies. Afterall, it could always be worse. There is likely a bright side hiding in every vent session.

Cleaning my free time from idle entertainment

I used to be very good at keeping TV time to a minimum. But lately, I binge a show only to finish it and look for my next spree. This habit leaves very little time for me to do the things I love, like reading or writing or painting. I have three subjects I am learning and it’s been quite a slow process so far. And the culprit is obviously where I am investing my time. 


Cleaning up my spending/debt.

I have a shopping problem. And this problem has offspring. I have a too-much-stuff problem and, more obviously, a debt problem. I am very prone to snap-decision spending, especially when my credit card is getting “benefits” or “points.” I haven’t maxed out yet, but I don’t want to get there. I need to work on distinguishing wants from needs. And even after I categorize this potential purchase based on priority, I still need to factor in urgency. Some things can wait. 

Do you have any areas in your life that need a little spring cleaning?


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